CWM-101 - Multistage Vertical Electric Pumps

Compact multistage vertical electric pumps, suitable for lifting installations with or without autoclaves, fire-fighting installations, irrigation systems and wherever elevated pressures are required.


G20 cast iron spider.
G20 cast iron base.
X5CrNi1810 stainless steel pump pipe.
Thermoplastic polycarbonate diffusers.
Thermoplastic polycarbonate impellers.
AISI 431 stainless steel shaft.
Mechanical seal: sliding faces in hard metal, seals in ethylene propylene rubber.
EPDM rubber bushings.
Stainless steel sleeves with ceramic lining.


Maximum temperature of liquid 50°C.
Max. operating pressure 16 bar.
In-line connectors available on request, can be coupled to counter flanges.
Fitted with standardised vertical motor sized according to UNEL 13118; V8 arrangement; protected to IP55, class F insulation

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